Call Center in Bedano near Lugano

Do you enjoy dealing with people? Do you like working in customer service? Preferably as a Call Center Agent? Then you’ve come to the right place. We are always on the look-out for qualified staff for our Call Center in Bedano near Lugano. Here’s what some of our employees have to say about their jobs at the Call Center:

We’re like a big family

Susanna, our tutor, helps new employees during the first few months of training. Susi feels like she’s part of a big family working in a modern environment where openness and friendliness set the tone. She also had the opportunity to do external training leading to federal certification as a Call Center Agent.

FOCUS on our customers

Cinzia loves her job. She gets to use her language skills and professional know-how every day. Her priority is customers and making them feel always welcome. The team spirit and mutual respect she shares with her co-workers and the range of fringe benefits offered by the company are incentives that power her motivation.

Learning never stops

Franco, from the Technical Support team, likes being able to work independently but still appreciates the support of his co-workers and managers. It’s important to him that he can put his many years of experience into practice while continuously learning new things as well.

A company that appreciates its employees

In her work at Viseca, where processes are largely standardised, Luciana is good at adding a personal note to her contact with customers. She enjoys her role as coach to management whose job includes helping their employees realise their potential and making their well-being a priority.

Working and being a mother – yes you can!

Mara is a mother and works part-time, three days a week. Her part-time position allows her to successfully balance her work commitments with her personal and family life. She very much enjoys communicating with customers in three of Switzerland’s national languages, which is integral to her work. And being able to take lunch in the company’s high-quality cafeteria staffed by friendly personnel is an added bonus that Mara especially appreciates.

A company that helps its employees realize their potential

Sait works in a team that provides customers support by phone and through written channels. This year he had the opportunity to participate in an important project in which two proposals he made were implemented – a gratifying and motivating experience for him. He’s also happy that his job doesn’t leave him with mountains of paperwork to do, so he can fully enjoy his weekends and personal life.

The most modern workplace standards

For Stéphanie, every phone call is like a “box of chocolates” – she never knows what she’s going to get. What’s always important though is that a satisfactory solution is found for the customer. And when a customer expressly shows their appreciation, her sense of accomplishment is even greater. It means a lot to her to be able to work in modern surroundings like those in Bedano – every employee has their own height-adjustable desk and a variety of company-organised courses are on offer, such as meditation.

A company that supports young people and local communities

Andrea’s regular working schedule means he is free to attend courses in the evening to further his education. He appreciates that the company encourages the use of public transport by subsidising an annual travel pass for the Ticino public transport network for all its employees.