Viseca offers the following types of apprenticeship:

3-year commercial apprenticeship (Zurich)

What to expect from your apprenticeship

What do our apprentices have to say about Viseca?

««I’ve been happy at Viseca since the very first day. The team gave me a warm welcome and treated me as a fellow employee right from the start. I really appreciated that I could work independently very early on. It was stressful at the beginning, but I adapted quickly to the new situation.»»

Mia, 1st-year apprentice


««I wanted to be in positive and relaxed work environment. And I found that at Viseca. Here, everyone is willing to help everyone else whenever they need it. I like it that we can switch departments every semester. At the beginning, the systems and the different languages were a challenge. But, the outstanding support and encouragement we receive was a great help to me.»»

Ehsan, 1st-year apprentice

««I had trouble at the start of my apprenticeship getting used to the vocational school. My biggest problem was learning to balance my practical workload and the time needed to study. Viseca was a huge help to me here. I know that my work is appreciated. We are involved in many different projects and are always given chances to show what we can do.»»

Mina, 3rd-year apprentice

««The training I’ve received at Viseca has been very diverse, and it’s been an interesting three years. It’s great that we get to experience different departments. That’s helped me decide what direction I’d like to go in when my apprenticeship is finished. We are very lucky to be able to work with so many friendly, sincere people and be supported by them, whether at school or on the job.»»

Yaren, 3rd-year apprentice

How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

Thank you for your interest in an apprenticeship at Viseca. We publish the apprenticeships we have available every year sometime in August. You’ll find them listed here in under «Jobs».

What should you pay special attention to when applying for an apprenticeship?

In your cover letter, you can tell us about your interests, how you like to spend your time and why you are interested in the apprenticeship you’re applying for. Make sure to use correct spelling and structure your letter so it is easy to understand.
If your application sparks our interest, we will invite you to an interview. You should prepare for the interview by reading all the information about Viseca available on our website and noting questions that you’d like to ask us. The interview is not like a test in school. It’s an opportunity for us to get to know each other and see if we are a good fit.
If you want to be informed promptly about our apprenticeships, we suggest you subscribe to our job alerts.