Who we are

Viseca is a leading provider of products and services in the area of cashless payment, from the issue of payment cards (Viseca Card Services SA), the provision of card-related services for issuers (Viseca Payment Services SA), to the development of innovative finance management solutions (Contovista AG).

Viseca has offices in Zurich and Bedano. The company is owned by Switzerland’s largest cantonal and retail banks, which are also its most important customers. These includeall the cantonal banks, the Raiffeisen Group, Entris Banking, Migros Bank, Bank Cler, regional banks and private and commercial banks.

Our values

Our values are the cornerstones of our corporate culture. We use them to guide our daily actions, but also our relationship with customers, partners and each other. These values are firmly embedded in the company because they have not been prescribed from above but borne out of dialogue between staff and management. In other words, they express what each and every one of us feels and thinks.

Collegial professional conduct

Viseca wants the interaction among all its employees to be professional and collegial – we all use first names when addressing each other, for instance. Our employees come from all segments of the population, whether it be in terms of age, sexual orientation or nationality. We are dynamic, flexible and open to change and new things. Our employees are the best expressions of this – here’s what they had to say in a survey conducted on Viseca:

«A corporate culture where
everyone is on a first-name basis,
reduces obstacles to communicating
with your work colleagues.»

«You can be yourself and
have the room to try things out.»

«We’re doers – everyone can
contribute if they want to.»

«We are not constrained
by strict hierarchies.»

Viseca innovations

As a leading Swiss fintech, Viseca is constantly working on innovative, digital solutions and services for the cashless future. Whether instant issuing, the “one” app or digital receipts – our innovations play a significant role in ensuring that payment is easy, secure and convenient, even in this digital age.

Facts and figures about Viseca

Number of payment cards in circulation

4 077 000

Number of “one” users

2 000 000

Part-time employees

26 %

Gender ratio

47% / 53%

Average age

42 years old

ø Length of service

6 Years